Perfect sealer which can Protect against oil stains for flamed granite floor
Natural stone is a precious material that deserves to be treated with the utmost care.
People often assume that natural stone is "stain-proof," however all stone is porous to some degree. If not properly treated with a protective sealer, water, oils or other liquids can easily penetrate the stone, leaving behind unwanted stains. Good news is that once treated with a protective sealer, natural stone is ready for carefree.

Our Micro Sealer Ceramic Guard is perfect for polished natural stone.
But what if your stone is flamed finish?

Look at the picture below - we sealed right side of the stone using Micro Selaer
Innerguard Premium
and the other half is unsealed.
There is NO difference in the color or look of the stone.
We left vegetable oil on both sides and left 10 minutes.

It seems the color of the stone hasn't changed, but the sealer protects the stone
so there is no stain. The unsealed stone - you can see where the oil soaked in and
left an dark colored stain. On the other hand, the left side of the stone, the oil is
sitting on top of the stone.

Applying our Micro Sealer Innerguard Premium, it will fill the large open pores
and also lay on the surface to help make cleaning much easier as dirt does not get
trapped in the pores. This product also provides keeping the texture or the feel of your stone.

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